Fall 2011:
Amazingly, we were able to get away with our foals to Spruce
Meadows in September to attend the Hanoverian mare and foal
show with our 2011 fillies. The foal show featured 17  youngsters,
11 dressage bred and 6 jumper bred foals. As always, it proved
to be a great time connecting with fellow Hanoverian enthusiasts
and we were especially thrilled when our Wolkentanz II filly
Wraven was named top foal amongst such a high quality group.
In November of 2011 I made the really difficult
decision to retire my amazingly talented gelding
Maverik. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with
ringbone in May of 2011 and we were unable to keep
him at his current level of work despite exhaustive
efforts.. Although we were dressage partners for only
a year, he taught me so very much.  Stinky Man, I
hope you enjoy your well earned retirement.

Thank you for the rides, my friend.
"Trick or Treat" from the canine
gang at SpruceView. From left to
right : Bill aka Ranger Bill, Shirley,
Herbert  and Janos