Stephen Forbes is the resident trainer at SpruceView Hanoverians and very fittingly has a special
interest in the development of young dressage horses. Like many horse crazy kids, Stephen began his
riding career in eventing and after attending Olds College he began to specialize in the starting of
young horses and in dressage as well.

Over the last 10 years Stephen has been lucky to have been able to ride with and work for a number of
excellent dressage trainers/breeders. In Germany Stephen was able to spend time riding at the stable
of the renowned trainer Oliver Oehlrich and in 2013 he was offered a riding position at the prestigious
Hof Kasselmann by World Champion rider/trainer Dr. Ulf Moller.  During his time at the Hof
Kasselmann Stephen was not only able to ride many world class horses of all ages and training levels
but he was also able to help with the preparation for the highly esteemed PSI Auction.

Stephen is also the president and co-founding member of the Alberta Young Horse Development
Program. To find out more information please visit .

Stephen works alongside his partner Kyla McKinney . Kyla shares his passion for the sport of dressage
and is an avid dressage rider and breeder.